Choice tips for your peak performance!

Édel Pontes, Ph.D.
2 min readJun 6, 2021

Tip #1: Don’t judge yourself for your choices.

A very efficient tip is not to judge yourself after making a decision. Assume your choices for it’s better to have chosen something than not to choose. That being said, think about it the next time you decide for something, assume it for your own satisfaction. Accept what you most want and choose it. Doing that is much better than having no choice.

Tip #2: Unfocus your thoughts from what you need.

Has your mind ever gone blank? It’s very common to blank out when we need to make a decision or right before an important test. Here’s a tip to solve this: divert your thoughts from what you want. Like we’ve said previously, if you have the knowledge, unfocus your mind and instead of trying to remember, try not to!

Tip #3: “Better” is enemy of “good”

Write down this sentence three times on a big sheet of paper so it’s easy to read from a distance. “Better’’ is enemy of “Good”. Carry this within you and realize it’s much more important to deliver a good result than try and not get a perfect one!

Tip #4: Go beyond your nature.

Write down a daily challenge for yourself on a paper sheet. Commit yourself to do something that goes beyond your nature on a daily basis. Do something you wouldn’t because you were afraid or wouldn’t do because of other people’s judgment. At the end of the day, evaluate your own performance and cross out each and every challenge accomplished. Make this commitment with yourself and go beyond the rope that’s holding you back!



Édel Pontes, Ph.D.

Doctorate in Neuromarketing, Master in International Business and Psychopedagogy Édel Pontes develops self-confidence in people to reach their objectives