Dynamic Mindset

Édel Pontes, Ph.D.
2 min readApr 30, 2022

The core characteristics of the Dynamic Mindset is movement, but we need to perform an inversion of time so this new flowing can be reprogrammed in our minds. On a Dynamic Mindset we put aside our focus on future outcome alone and we create a process focused on the present, on the course of action for the best performance.

To achieve best performance we let flow this internal conditioning of responsibility, learning and much effort; it is an outwards process capable of opening new horizons, endless possibilities.

On a Dynamic Mindset a identity of BEING is declared: who I am. This identity is considered as the future time, becoming the prosperous future reality. The vision of the future immediately declared, creates the reality for the goals we want to achieve. Being the identity is to have clarity of what we desire to achieve.

The next step is the focus on the Course of Action, once the identity is already declared, all it takes now is to place our strength on the present Course of Action for things to start flowing and happening. The focus is on our capacity, on our making, our operational effort, our determination, our clarity, consistency and perseverance.

The result represents receiving from what was declared, despite of our perception of them as fruits of our past actions materialized on the future, as they were on the Static Mindset model (past — present — future).

Every time a person achieves a goal, that achievement has already become a past result in our minds.

Below is the real mental alignment between thinking, feeling and acting:



Édel Pontes, Ph.D.

Doctorate in Neuromarketing, Master in International Business and Psychopedagogy Édel Pontes develops self-confidence in people to reach their objectives