Édel Pontes, Ph.D.
4 min readJul 1, 2022


Transforming our mindset to a dynamic setting isn’t enough. We need to clear our baggage from past experiences that remain fixed on the static mindset. Below you’ll see the result of a Dynamic Mindset transformation but with a baggage full of past stories.

Declared future → Present with full baggage → Scarcity

When we have our baggage full of history and history from our past, we can’t open a field for the new. The present becomes hostage to its past in the static mindset. The energy or vibration frequency is low resulting in complaint: scarcity.

It is extremely important to clear up this baggage so we can flow in the energy of love. Starting from gratitude exercises we can also elevate the vibration of our gratitude energy.

How to clear up the Baggage

It is necessary to clear up all this baggage from the past to let the energy of prosperity flow. This baggage full of static past things, conditions us to a static, paralysed mindset. The way to get rid of this heavy burden here in the present is to get rid of the past: memories, stories we’ve told ourselves, false perceptions of past moments that we carry to the present as memories.

In the present these stories are not true, they are just the results of a creative mind from the past, from another time and place. To get rid of this past, we must cover these three important steps:

  1. Stop judging. When we judge other people, we open up a field to get judged upon in return. This received judgment will turn into guilt and imprisonment.
  2. Detach. Detachment is a deep process and to accept detachment is a big step towards the great act of forgiving and the liberation of the forgiving energy that let things move and prosperity to take place. To detach ourselves is to open our energy field to new things.
  3. To forgive. The real and simple way to open a field for new things is through forgiveness. Many times, a person believes they have forgiven someone but it takes love to really achieve forgiveness. Forgiveness is an energy that originates inside ourselves. To forgive ourselves is the first step.After getting rid of this emotional block through forgiveness, new fields may open so a more prosperous and righteous future can be built up.
  4. To practice acceptance. For all situations in life acceptance is needed. In good situations, we must realize what happened, accept it, receive it and be thankful. In not so good situations, we must acknowledge it, accept it, learn from it and be thankful.

Acceptance is not the same thing as accepting things as if they’re always ok. It is to accept what happened and let it pass through, to detach from it, to forgive, to let it flow, to move, resulting in a look at the present to realize that what has been carried from the past is no more with us here in the present. This process may seem short but it can take years until we can open up to a true expansion of consciousness for us to really use the forgiveness energy. We must work on self forgiveness, realize that what other people did is not that important as what people can do for themselves.


Once the baggage is clear, we can finally create our future reality from stating our identity, essence, mission and vision of the future. At this moment, we feel the weightlessness of our freedom without any burden brought from the past. State the future is to remove all doubts, is to be sure of our identity, capacity and of what we deserve. To live our own essence, our truth, is to be free.

And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32.

Through self knowledge, from looking inward we’ll realize our true mission and our true essence will arise. When we are free from the weight of the past, we open the field for the best performance, for the action plan right here and right now. With the certainty of the path to follow, without doubts, with space cleared on our baggage for the action plan and adopting the performance plan step by step, we open the path for endless possibilities. The perfect alignment of our thinking (reason), our feelings (emotions) and the craft of our survival, will result in the most certain thing of this abundant universe: Prosperity.

Stated future → Clear baggage present → Prosperity



Édel Pontes, Ph.D.

Doctorate in Neuromarketing, Master in International Business and Psychopedagogy Édel Pontes develops self-confidence in people to reach their objectives