How does the decision-making process work?

How does this contribute to procrastination and to immobilize a person?

Satisfaction explains the immediate decisions or the first choice we make, which is usually made to satisfy needs. Thus, every time a decision is made and an option chosen out of necessity, this decision-making process is based on Satisfaction and it can occur when we have no other options or time to compare them.

It can also occur when a person wants something objectively, satisfying his direct need.

Maximization, unlike the Satisfaction process, is defined by the possibility of new and better options. So, comparing these two concepts, it is very common to put ourselves in the Maximization group, as we are always looking for the newest and the best option to make a decision.

With that in mind, we always try to make sure that any decision is the best that we could have made and, in many cases, we look for more options to be sure.

As I mentioned in the previous post, a person has values and they exist and need to be recognized if true prosperity is to be achieved. When values are well established, our life becomes our top priority and we build and discover things that do us good. We live a more conscious, less stressing, more honest and authentic life.

Thus, the person living the truth will live free.

Doctorate in Neuromarketing, Master in International Business, MBA in Marketing and Postgraduate in Psychopedagogy.