Édel Pontes, Ph.D.
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The purpose of this mindfulness process is to clear our mind. Through conscious breathing exercises it’s possible to achieve a state of clear mind so that we can have full consciousness.

When we are not aware of our full mental power we live as if we are on autopilot, in constant conflict and trouble, losing touch with reality.

Mindfulness is a mind state of control over our capacity to focus on present experiences, activities and sensations. (BUTERA; BYRON, 2015, p.65).

Initiating a mindfulness process is a crucial factor in changing our mental behaviour and conscience expansion, improving our results.

There are several techniques to achieve this mindset. The quick exercise below can be executed every time you want to clear your mind.

Conscious Breathing

This exercise can be performed at any time of the day, as many times as you feel necessary. It’s recommended that you do it between two different activities.

As you leave the house, for example, stop and execute it so your mind can get rid of all the energy that was in your house and in order for you to begin processing the intention in your mind for your next activity.

With a clear mind, you can define how you want the trip to your place of work to be.

This is also a powerful exercise for us to begin the intention process first introduced in the “Neuro Productivity” post.

  1. Sit down on a comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted;

2. Pay close attention to your breathing, to the air that enters your lungs and to the air that comes out as you exhale;

3. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly;

4. Take a deep breath and count to 4 (four);

5. Hold the air for another 4 seconds;

6. Release the air slowly;

7. Repeat this process 3–5 times;

8. In case your mind is bringing up images or informations, begin this exercise again until your thoughts are clear;

9. Manifest the intent of what you want to create in the near future. For example:

  • Light traffic on your way back home;
  • Having a great meeting at work;
  • Closing the deal you are working on;
  • Give a great presentation;

10. When declaring your intentions for step #9, do so in as many details as possible, so that your intention is truly real.


Another way to achieve mindfulness is through meditation. Guided meditation is recommended for beginners so they can develop the habit of meditation.

There is no need to meditate for a long period. The most important thing is full consciousness, the clear mind and clarity of thoughts. To create the future reality of infinite possibilities, it’s important to be mindful, without thoughts.



Édel Pontes, Ph.D.

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